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ZANU PF UK : Let Your Voice be Heard

ZANU PF UK encourages active citizen's participation in the affairs of their country. We strongly believe that none-but-ourselves can bring development and progress to Zimbabwe, that is why We Chose to Act. We have created a platform via our blog ZANU PF UK Blog where citizens can air their views and let their voices be heard by the world and our government in Zimbabwe. Visit our blog, participate in our Facebook and Twitter discussions; details as below. Let your voice be heard. Together We Can.

ZANU PF UK Activities

ZANU PF UK continues to build structures across UK and has extended its activities to cover mainland Europe. It also holds national events for the diaspora community such as Independence celebrations as well as fundraising events for different causes in Zimbabwe. Learn about upcoming events including branch and executive committee meetings here.

ZANU PF UK Structure

ZANU PF UK is headed by Cde Nick Mangwana who is the Chairman of the Chapter. The Exective Committee of the Chapter can be viewed here.

The Women's League of ZANU PF UK is headed by Cde Ruth Jabangwe. The Executive Committee of theWomen's League can be viewed here.


ZANU PF UK is the progressive Chapter of the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front headquartered in Harare. Our core mandate is to establish and sustain a society that cherishes African values and create conditions for economic independence, prosperity and equitable distribution of wealth. As the officially sanctioned and therefore sole legitimate representation of the party in the UK we hold the belief that the building of structures will help to ensure that there is no lost generation of Zimbabweans who are lost to both the history of the country and the ethos of the armed struggle. We are creating a Chapter that acts as a forum for democratic participation by those in the UK and Europe which is visible, responsive, accessible as well as informed and proactive.

None-But-Ourselves  -  Iwe NeniTine Basa  - Mina Lawe Silo Musebenzi

Download Important Documents

It is important for all of us to understand the policies, agreements, laws etc that are in place in Zimbabwe in order to make informed judgements. To assist in this direction, ZANU PF UK has put together a number of important documents and placed them in one place. These range from the Constitution of Zimbabwe, The Electoral Act, Zim Asset, The Lancaster House Agreement and  The Indegenisation Empowerement Act. Download them here.

ZANU PF UK Branches

In order to ensure participation and inclusion of all members in the UK, ZANU PF UK has launched a number of branches across the United Kingdom. Branches have been launched in Kent, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, South West England, London and Coventry among other regions. The first mainland European branch was launched in Amsterdam, which will eventually see a transformation of ZANU PF UK to ZANU PF Europe.  Branches are embarking on different projects here in the UK and in Zimbabwe which will benefit both participating members and our Motherland. Make a positive contribution to your country. Find out more about your local branch here.

Zim Asset

Zim Asset was crafted to achieve sustainable development.and social equity anchored on indegenisation, empowerment and employment creation which will be largely propelled by judicious exploitation of the country's abundant human and natural resources.​"Zim Asset is a call to you and me, to all of us Zimbabweans to put shoulder to the wheel so that we can recover our economy and grow it for the prosperity of our people"  Vice President, Cde Joyce T. Mujuru. Learn more about the country's blueprint here.

Say No To Illegal Sanctions on Zimbabwe

"The Zimbabwe government has said a situation where 2 percent of the population owns 85 percent of the land is untenable. We can call it  (ZIDERA) an "incentives" bill but that does not change its essential "sanctions" nature. It is racist and against the masses of Zimbabwe." (Hon Cynthia A. McKinney of Georgia)

Learn more about Zimbabwe Sanctions and their REAL impact

Voice of the Masses

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